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Most people find the concept of programming obvious, but the doing impossible. Systems have sub-systems and sub-systems have sub- systems and so on ad infinitum – which is why were always starting over.
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56. New!!: Epigram (programming language) and Timeline of programming languages See more Total functional programming (also known as strong functional programming, to be contrasted with ordinary, or weak functional programming) is a programming paradigm that restricts the range of programs to those that are provably terminating. Sometimes I think the only universal in the computing field is the fetch-execute cycle.
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It is currently unmaintained, and version 2, which was intended to implement Observational Type Theory, was never officially released but exists in GitHub.

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Everything should be built top-down, except the first time. Re graphics: A picture is worth 10K words — but only those to describe the picture. There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works.
3. One can’t proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means.

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New!!: Epigram (programming language) and Thorsten Altenkirch See more This is a record of historically important programming languages, by decade. Software is under a constant tension. In English every word can be verbed. 96.

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124. 87. And in ASCII:
Epigram is essentially a typed lambda calculus with generalized algebraic data type extensions, except for two extensions. org/web/19990117034445/http://www-pu.

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8. It is not a languages weakness but its strengths that control the gradient of its change: Alas, a language never escapes its embryonic sac. This is equivalent to the Haskell declaration “data Nat = Zero | Suc Nat”. An adequate bootstrap is a contradiction in terms. Prolonged contact with the computer turns mathematicians into clerks and vice versa.

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Beyond that limit, there is a sterile and magnificent happiness. Geniuses remove it. Handling and understanding the control flow of a program that employs even a moderate number of symmetric coroutines transferring control among themselves may require considerable effort from a programmer. e. For I am happy.

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Giving up on assembly language was the apple in our Garden of Eden: Languages whose use squanders machine cycles are sinful. 44.

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This reminds me of the story of how Albert Einstein visualized himself running alongside a light beam. So for example, you could enter “epigram” and click “filter”, and it’d give you words that are related to epigrams on programming and epigram. Read more about Epigram (programming Language): Syntax, Dependent TypesHe would stab his best friend for the sake of writing an epigram on his tombstone. 34. One cant proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means. Second, it has a dependent function type; instead of PQ{\displaystyle P\rightarrow Q}, x:PQ{\displaystyle \forall x:P\Rightarrow Q}, where x{\displaystyle x} is bound in Q{\displaystyle Q} to the value that the function’s argument (of type P{\displaystyle P}) eventually takes.

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Reminds me of a Fred Brooks quote:Show me your flowcharts and conceal your tables, and I shall continue to be mystified. What fun is there in making plans,
acquiring discipline in organizing thoughs, devoting attention to detail and learning to be self-critical?
126. 56. Within a computer natural language is unnatural. 37.

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Some programming languages manage to absorb change, but withstand progress. 28. Make no mistake about it: Computers process numbers — not symbols. Perlis. Geniuses remove it.

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